Employer Invitation to Comment on Skilled Shortage List

Employer Invitation to Comment on Skilled Shortage List


The Department of Jobs & Small Business (formerly the Department of Employment) has taken over the responsibility of the various skilled shortage occupation lists from the Department of Home Affairs. This makes perfect sense, as they are better situated to make judgment calls as to what is in demand and where [Not that I agree with all their data!!]. The Department of Jobs & Small Business is open to consultation.

The Medium to Long-Term Shortage (MTLSSL) is scheduled to be updated annually on July 1, and the Short-Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) is scheduled to be updated bi-annually on January 1 and July 1. 



According to the Department of Jobs & Small Business "The next update to the skilled migration occupation lists will occur in July 2018. To support this update, the Department will conduct a review and provide advice to the Australian Government on the short and medium to long-term skilled workforce needs of the Australian economy. As part of its review, the Department will undertake public consultation".


Indicative timeline for public consultation


March to June 2018

Bilateral consultations with stakeholders and selected industry and regional roundtables

May 2018

The release of the Department's Traffic Light Bulletin showing outcomes of our initial labour market analysis

May to June 2018

Online submission period opens

June 2018

Review concludes


To participate in the review, employers can email SkilledMigrationList@jobs.gov.au with their submission. More information is available from the website: https://www.jobs.gov.au/SkilledMigrationList

We strongly encourage employers to make their submissions to encourage changes to the lists where they feel the lists require updating. Online submissions are likely to open in May when the department flag the changes to the occupation lists via its traffic light system.

Konnecting, with our dual migration and recruitment expertise, can assist employers in these submissions. Contact us to discuss.



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