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About this Visa

This is a similar visa to the Subclass 186 Employer Nomination Scheme visa, but it is meant specifically for skilled worker positions in so-called regional areas. Regional areas are generally those outside Australia's current high-growth areas of Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Specifically, the following areas are considered "Regional":

  • Western Australia in its entirety
  • South Australia in its entirety
  • Tasmania in its entirety
  • The entire Australian Capital Territory
  • New South Wales with the exception of Sydney, Wollongong, and Newcastle
  • Victoria with the exception of Melbourne
  • Queensland with the exception of Brisbane or Gold Coast.

The "Regional" areas were expanded somewhat as part of the 2012 reforms to include Perth.

This visa is also called the RSMS. It is a permanent residency visa with somewhat lower skill levels than would be required by the equivalent ENS Subclass 186 visa.

To apply for an RSMS visa, you must nominate an occupation at ANZSCO skill level 1-3. This covers occupations requiring a degree, diploma, trade certificate or certificate IV.

A successful application depends both on the main applicant's ability to meet Australian skilled emigrational eligibility criteria and the sponsoring employer's status as an Australian business. Three stages define the RSMS application process:

  1. Certification of the employer by a Regional Certifying Body / RCB, who checks that the position is in fact genuine. The RCB may also require that the position has been advertised (not required for TRTS).
  2. Nomination of the position to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) and subsequent review by DIBP of the business.
  3. Application for the visa by the employee, through one of three different pathways.

Applications may be lodged via the following streams, as in the ENS visa:

Temporary Residence: where the applicant has worked on a 457 visa with the nominating employer for the last 2 years. For this stream, RCB certification is unnecessary and only IELTS 5 Vocational English is needed.

Direct Entry: where the applicant is seeking residency without a prior provisional visa, the position will need RCB certification and the applicant will need IELTS 6 Competent English. Applicants with trade occupations may be required to pass a skills assessment.

Labour Agreement: where the application falls under the aegis of a Labour Agreement held by the employer.
DIAC sees the RSMS as the visa with the highest priority in the skilled migration class, so requirements are more straightforward and processing may be faster than with the ENS visa.

Both on and offshore applicants may apply for a Subclass 187 RSMS visa.

Employer & Position Eligibility

The nomination must be certified by the RCB (Regional Certifying Body) if Direct Entry stream.
The position must be in "Regional" Australia and operated by a lawful business

Employee Eligibility for the Nominated Skilled Position

    The primary applicant must generally be under the age of 50
    The primary applicant must generally have at least IELTS 5.0 Vocational English or equivalent for 457 transition, or IELTS 6.0 for Direct Entry Stream visas


    This is a permanent visa dependent on the applicant having a job offer located in an Australian Regional Area. There is an obligation on the employee to remain in the nominated position in the Regional area for at least 2 years post approval, or the RSMS could be cancelled.

    Independent Migration


    Employer Nomination

    Required, and required to be from a Regional Area.

    State/Territory Government Nomination


    Family/Relative Sponsorship


    Permanent Migration Pathway

    This is a permanent visa, with an obligation on the employee to remain in the nominated position in the Regional area for at least 2 years post approval

    Employment Prospects

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