Why Hiring Overseas Workers is Good for Your Business?

Why Hiring Overseas Workers is Good for Your Business?

One of the most important assets a business can have is its highly-skilled workers. In practice, it’s also one of the hardest to obtain. A quality workforce guarantees success for a company. As the saying goes, ‘a business is only as good as its people’

Of course, it is always a good idea to hire local people, and there are provisions within immigration rules to support this, and so there should be. And, should you find difficulty in finding the right person for the position, you can provide additional training to equip the person for the duties involved. This integral training should be part of all businesses planning, and also forms part of the 457 Sponsorship requirements in the form of the training benchmarks.

However, in highly specialised fields and industries, that is not always possible in the required timeframes.  You might have a vacancy that needs to be filled quickly and you don't have enough resources and moreover, time to train the person to prepare for the role.

Whether you need highly-skilled people that are in short supply in Australia or interested to take your business to a whole new level, hiring overseas workers would be a good decision for your business.


Designing your Hiring Process

If it is your first time to hire an overseas worker/s, here are some tips to guide you in your recruitment process:

      Verify if your job opening is eligible for a Skilled Worker Visa under the 457 visa program (check the CSOL list) and verify the requirements needed to support a migrant's visa application.

      Examine which country or countries you are most likely to find the appropriate candidate for your job opening. Consider other factors like how the skillset of your chosen country will fit with the Australian work standards and culture.

      Consider your hiring outreach. Decide whether you need to collaborate with other employers, industry association or with a specialized international recruitment agency in finding the right candidate.

      Establishing realistic deadline. For your hiring process, allocate time to advertise, evaluate resumes, conduct initial interviews and make background checks.  For your selected applicant, allow him/her to prepare for the migration process: processing documents in reference to visa applications, skills assessment (if applicable), English tests (if applicable) processing of visa application itself, etc, selling houses and other properties, etc.


Advantages of Using Recruitment and Migration Agencies

There are distinct advantages in using a specialised recruitment and migration agency to source your overseas worker versus doing it on your own:

      Expertise.You can benefit from the agencies' extensive recruitment and migration experience in streamlining the process of finding the right person to fill your manpower needs.

The vast skill pool of an international agency ensures that you can access a large number of workers, with different skill sets and work history, to help you make an informed choice in appointing the right person for your company. Agencies have a well-developed recruitment system specialised within various fields and industries so companies are assured that workers provided are competent. This reduces cases of employee-employer mismatch. Moreover, agencies have large networks and database that increases the likelihood of meeting your job requirements.

In addition, agencies can also assist the migrant during visa applications and settlement. They can also nominate employers with Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

      Saves Time and Money Using a recruitment agency can eliminate the costs involved during the hiring process, such as advertising, resume evaluations, preliminary interviews and background checks. All you have to do is to determine your vacancy posts and job description for these vacancies.

In addition, using recruitment agencies is also beneficial for small and medium-sized enterprises who don't have internal HR personnel. By sourcing their recruitment requirement, SMEs can focus on more important strategies and operations of their business.


Guidelines in Selecting your Recruitment and Migration Agency

To get best results from hiring your overseas skilled-worker, keep in mind the following tips in selecting your recruitment and migration agency:

      Established authority in providing skilled workers in your particular industry. Do the necessary   background checks and references to ensure you are dealing with a legitimate agency.

      Ability to follow up on applicants once they are placed in your business for quality checking.

      Ability to provide a replacement in case a worker recruited does not meet employer expectations. 


For more information to see how Konnecting can help your business solve your skill shortages,contact us for an assessment. 

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