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About these Visas

If you intend to come to Australia specifically to study you must apply for a student visa.

There are several visa subclasses in the student visa category. Some tourist visas allow you to study up to three months. Certain other visa subclasses (skilled visas and secondary applicants for example) will permit study for longer than three months, provided you adhere to the individual visa conditions.

There are also some important elements considered before a student visa will be approved. These include checking the education provider is on CRICOS; confirmation of enrolment (CoE), advising of the course type (determines subclass), the country of citizenship (determines assessment levels) and checking basic English levels.

Commonwealth Register of Courses and Institutions for Overseas Students (CRICOS).

To be eligible for a student visa, you must first be approved by the education provider for a full-time course registered through CRICOS . You will only be granted a visa by DIAC if these conditions are met.

Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE):

If your application for the course is approved, you will receive a letter of offer or an electronic confirmation of enrolment (CoE). Once you have this, you can apply for the visa. Konnecting can do both of these for you. With the grant of your student visa, you will also receive automatic part-time work rights, usually 20 hours per week during term.

Student Visa Subclasses:

Independent ELICOS - Subclass 570

This visa subclass is for international students undertaking ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) as a standalone course, and not as a prerequisite to commencing another course (for example, a degree course).

Schools - Subclass 571

This visa subclass is for international students undertaking a course of study at a primary school or a secondary school, including both junior and senior secondary school, and an approved secondary exchange program.

Vocational Educational and Training (VET) - Subclass 572

This visa subclass is for international students wanting to do Certificate I, II, III and IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma.

Higher Education - Subclass 573

This visa subclass is for international students who want to do either a Bachelor Degree, Associate Degree, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or Masters Degree by course work.

Postgraduate Research - Subclass 574

This visa subclass covers a Masters Degree by research and Doctoral Degrees.

Non-Award - Subclass 575

This visa subclass covers foundation, bridging or other courses that do not lead to the award of a degree, diploma or other formal award.

AusAID or Defense Sponsored - Subclass 576

This visa subclass full-time study undertaken by AusAID or Defence students sponsored by the Australian Government.

Student Visa Assessment Levels


Each student visa application is appraised according to assessment levels. The assessment level is determined by the citizenship (passport held) and visa subclass applied for. These assessment levels have been determined by DIAC, based on historical visa grants as to how likely students are to comply with their visa conditions. Assessment level one represents the lowest assessment level (easiest) and assessment level five the highest (hardest). The higher the assessment level, the more evidence you will need to provide to demonstrate your financial capacity, understanding of the English language and other relevant matters. If you have an assessment level two, three, four or five, then you must make your first student visa application while you are outside Australia.

Here are some of the visa assessment levels. For a full list contact us or refer to

Passport Held 570-ELICOS 572 - VET 573 - Higher Education 574 - Postgrad. Education
Canada 1 1 1 1
China 3 4 4 2
Hong Kong 1 1 1 1
India 4 4 4 4
Indonesia 2 2 2 2
Ireland (Rep. of) 1 1 1 1
Japan 1 1 1 1
Korea (Rep. of) 2 2 1 1
Netherlands 1 1 1 1
Phillipines 3 3 2 1
United Kingdom 1 1 1 1
United States 1 1 1 1

Depending on your assessment level you may be required to provide the following evidence:

  • Capacity to cover air fares, course fees and living expenses for you and any accompanying family members while in Australia.
  • Your personal financial situation including commitments in your home country.
  • Your academic record and the education/employment history in relation to the course you intend to undertake.
  • Your immigration history and compliance with previous visas and conditions.
  • Your English language proficiency in relation to the course you are undertaking.

English Language Level

Certain courses (and visa subclasses) may require a particular English level to enable you to complete the course. You may need to undertake English language preparation courses.

Health Insurance

You must have adequate health insurance through the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for yourself and your accompanying family members.

Student Visa Conditions

Student visas are temporary visas. Generally, you will be issued with a multiple travel visa for the duration of your course. You may have secondary applicants on your visa application. You will have limited work rights on your student visa.

Pathway to Permanent Residence (PR)

While on a student visa it may be possible to apply for other visas, if eligible criteria are met. These visas include:

  1. Skilled Graduate Visa Subclass 485 - (Temporary Residence)
  2. Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa Subclass 476 - (Temporary Residence)
  3. Business Long Stay Visa Subclass 457 - (Temporary Residence)
  4. Skilled Independent Onshore Visa Subclass 885 or Offshore Subclass 175 - (Permanent Residence)
  5. Skilled Sponsored Onshore Visa Subclass 886 or Offshore Subclass 176 - (Permanent Residence)
  6. Skilled - Regional Sponsored Visa Subclass 475/487 - (Three Year Provisional Visa) which may lead to the Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887 - (Permanent Residence)
  7. Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 856 - (Permanent Residence)
  8. Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Subclass 857 - (Permanent Residence)

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