Australian Skill Select EOI Visa Model

On July 1, 2012 DIAC will introduce a new system for the GSM program called Skill Select. For General skilled migration, an expression of interest will need to be lodged before "an invitation" is issued to apply for a visa. 

1. How long will my Expression of Interest (EOI) stay in Skill Select?

Two years.

An EOI will remain in Skill Select for two years.  If you are granted a permanent or provisional visa during this time, your EOI will be removed.  You can also voluntarily suspend or remove your EOI from Skill Select at anytime. The department will be able to remove your EOI, if you breach the terms and conditions.

2. Can I submit an EOI in Australia?

Yes, as long as you meet the following requirements.

If submitting an EOI in Australia, you should understand that:

  • the EOI is not a visa application, and you would not be granted a bridging visa
  • if you are invited to lodge a visa application you must meet the requirements to be granted that visa
  • if you are in Australia one of these requirements is that you must be in Australia lawfully (holding a substantive visa or a Bridging Visa A or B).

3. Will I need to provide a statement in my EOI?


You do not need to provide a statement when you submit your EOI. The EOI will ask questions based on the visa(s) you are interested in, your answers will contain enough information for your EOI to be considered for selection.

4. If I am not invited can I be reimbursed for the skills assessment and English language test?


There is no guarantee that submitting an EOI will result in an invitation to apply for a visa. You are not entitled to reimbursement of any costs incurred in preparing an EOI.

5. Who will have access to my details in the EOI database?

This will depend on your visa preference(s).

As part of the EOI process, you will be asked to select the skilled visa(s) you are interested in.

If you choose to be considered for a state or territory or employer sponsored visa, you are allowing state or territory governments and/or employers to access your details Skill Select.

Employers will not be able to view any identifying information such as your name, date of birth, gender, or nationality.  Employers can only access information that will assist them to consider you for employment; this includes your occupation, your experience, and English ability.

If you express interest for only the independent or family sponsored visas your information will be only be available to the department.

6. Who will be able to submit an EOI?

Anyone, as long as they meet the appropriate visa requirements.

Any intending migrant can submit an EOI. However, in order to submit an EOI they must meet the necessary visa requirements for the visa(s) they are expressing interest in.

If invited to apply for a visa the intending migrant must either be outside Australia, or be lawfully in Australia to make a valid visa application.

7. Would I need to submit an EOI?

It depends what visa(s) you are interested in.

The following table provides a summary of the visas you can submit an EOI for:

  • Independent or Family Sponsored Yes - EOI compulsory
  • Regional Sponsored (Provisional) Yes - EOI compulsory
  • Business Skills Yes - EOI compulsory
  • State or territory Sponsored Yes - EOI compulsory
  • Employer Sponsored No - EOI optional
  • Subclass 457 No - EOI optional

8. What if my circumstances change after submitting my EOI?

If your circumstances change, you are required to update your EOI in Skill Select.

You should update your details to reflect any additional qualifications or experience you have obtained, Skill Select will automatically update your ranking and this may increase your ability to be selected.

9. How can I find out where I am ranked?

You will not be able to view your ranking.

When you submit your EOI, you will be shown your points score but will not be able to view your ranking position.  This is because your ranking will change as people enter and leave Skill Select.

After each invitation round for the independent and family sponsored visas, the department will publish on this website the lowest scoring points test mark that allowed an EOI to be invited for each occupation group.  This will give you an indication of your potential for receiving an invitation in future rounds.

10. If I am not invited to lodge a visa application, will I be entitled to review rights?


As an EOI is not a visa application and you cannot access merits review by the Migration Review Tribunal. The review process is for eligible persons whose visa application has been refused or cancelled. 

11. Is there a form I can post in?


All EOIs must be submitted online using Skill Select.

12. Can I submit an EOI if I have not completed an English language test, Skills assessment or Job Ready program?

No, not if this is a requirement for the visa(s) you are submitting an EOI for.

If you are submitting an EOI for a points based visa, you must have completed an English language test, skills assessment or job ready program (if applicable) before you submit the EOI.

You do not need to attach documents to your EOI.  However, you must enter accurate information in your EOI that matches the information on the supporting documents.

It is important to remember that, if invited to apply for a visa, the information you submit in your EOI will be used as part of your application. If you provide false or misleading information on your EOI, it may be considered fraud. Your application could be refused and you will be subject to a three year ban which may prevent the grant of a further visa.

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Provided by:
Fred Molloy, Registered Migration Agent (MARN: 0853698)
Konnecting – Australian Skilled Migration & Recruitment Consultants

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