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About this Visa

Labour Agreements (LA) enables generally larger employers, a group of employers, or industry groups to sponsor overseas workers. If the business is seeking to employ subclass 457 visa holders in any occupation not included in the list of eligible occupations for subclass 457 visa holders, or in the meat or on-hire industries, then the business will be required to enter into a labour agreement. The Labour Agreement is negotiated between the employer, employer group or industry group and the Commonwealth Government via DIBP & DEEWR.

There are 4 'streams in 457 Labour Agreements:

- DAMA - Designated Area Migration Agreements
- Project Agreements / Enterprise Migration Agreements
- Company Specific - On Hire Labour Agreements
- Industry Specific Agreements (such as Meat Industry, Aged Care etc in desperate shortage)

Contact Konnecting for further details if this type of visa is appropriate for your organisation.

Independent Migration


Employer Nomination

Required. May be an employer, or an industry group

State/Territory Government Nomination

Not required.

Family/Relative Sponsorship

Not required.

Permanent Migration Pathway

There are permanent residence (PR) visas available under a Labour Agreement (LA), being Subclass 186 and Subclass 187.

Employment Prospects

Contact Konnecting for assistance with migrant employment solutions. If you match the skills requirements of an Australian employer, we can also help you with visa options.


NOTE: This visa subclass is closed to new applications.​


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