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Open your Australian bank account before you leave home with NAB. As one of Australia's largest banks, National Australia Bank (NAB) provides a full range of financial services to it's customers across its national network of branches and access to your money via more than 3,400 ATMs at no additional charge.  Their specialist migrant team provide a personal service that includes account opening before you leave home and a named banker in Australia.

NAB Banking in Australia

Their service includes:

  • The ability to open an account up to one year before you arrive
  • No application fees or minimum deposit requirements
  • Accounts with no monthly account keeping fees, and the opportunity to earn competitive interest with their on-line savings account
  • A Visa debit card at no additional cost
  • A named banker in your chosen destination city, who will have you cards ready for you on arrival
  • Confirmation of your new bank details within 5 business days.

Interested in opening a new NAB Bank Account before you arrive here? Download the NAB Online Bank Account Pre Arrival Application

To find out more click here: www.nabgroup.com/migrantbanking




CBA International Customer Services and the banking services can provide banking solutions to individuals before they arrive in Australia. CBA provide a general settlement information guide on this site.




For relocation services from the UK & Ireland, visit www.anglopacific.co.uk or contact australia@anglopacific.co.uk



Resume Writing Service:  RedStarResume is a specialty resume and cover letter writing company who specialise in writing targeted Australian resumes for visa holders looking to move or remain in Australia.  Australia is one of the most popular destinations for skilled migrants all over the world, however, a huge challenge that many skilled migrants face is finding work when they arrive in Australia . RedStarResume help skilled migrants with writing a brand new Australian resume targeted for the Australian job market. They guarantee results. 


Headquartered in Ireland, CurrencyFair hands back power to consumers who want to change Aussie Dollars for Euros or Swiss Francs for Zloty, as well as exchanges between a wide range of other currencies.   The currency exchange service hands cash and spending power back to consumers by cutting out the banks, which routinely rip out huge percentages on foreign exchange deals. 

CurrencyFair was set up to offer fair rates to both sides of the transaction and cut out the banks and other middlemen. It's a concept whose time is now - thanks to the power of the internet and its near universal take-up.

It works by matching two people with complimentary currency exchange needs, putting the two together over cyberspace. It is a unique marketplace where users can trade currencies with other users - at rates only otherwise available to huge multinationals and international money market professionals dealing in millions.

CurrencyFair has created a marketplace anyone can access and because it's person to person (or 'peer to peer'), you only swap when you get a fair price, not one generated by a take it or leave it bank. If anyone tries to charge above the odds for their currencies, they'll never sell them. Users of this unique website service only get to exchange their money when the price is fair. 


Australian Job Search Strategists - visit website www.nabthatjob.com 

Nab That Job in Australia and Sponsorship Australia work together to assist emigrants and potential emigrants to Australia to successfully find employment in the Australian job market, through successful self-marketing tools such as high-impact Australian CVs and Cover Letters, and powerful job search strategies.  Visit Nab That Job in Australia now to claim your free eGuide, "Mission: Find a Job in Australia", and find out whether your current CV is competitive in the Australian job market with this quick, free assessment.



A settlement assistance network that provides information, networking events and heaps of other settlement services, including a Settlement Guide.


Study Abroad Florence: Learn Italian in the birthplace of the Renaissance through a study abroad program in Florence, Italy http://www.GSEAbroad.com

Global Student Experience



Plenty of information for migrants and students wanting to live, work and study in Australia. Living Down Under has an online TV, with online postcards and stories. www.livingdownunder.net


World Time Server
Useful tool to calculate difference times in different zones to co-ordinate interviews. 


Rent a car from other car owners. 457 Visa holders welcome.




Newcomers Australia is exclusively designed to support and improve outcomes for skilled migrants, newly granted permanent residents, working holidaymakers and international students by connecting them with providers of employment, education, immigration and settlement services in Australia. Newcomers Australia includes a series of domestic events, held in 5 major cities across Australia as well as an online platform for the successful recruitment, settlement and integration of international workers and students into Australia. 

Find out more at:  www.newcomersaustralia.com.au

Newcomers Australia



The Down Under Centre is a unique concept, a one stop centre assisting with all your Australian migration needs. We have handpicked a range of partners who are experts in getting you set up for your migration journey.

Working in the Down Under Centre are Australian Construction Training Services - Visa Skills Program (ACTS) & Future Skills International (FSI), Skilling Australia & PSS International Removals. ACTS & FSI are Australian Government Approved (TRA) Registered Training Organisations (RTO's) meaning they can be used for migration purposes & the Down Under Centre is the exclusive in-country partner for both organisations!

We help you hit the ground running by providing information essential to planning a new life in the Great Southern Land. Our industry partners can guide you through things such as visas, banking, currency, tax, medical, airfares and more. Rest assured, our team of migration-savvy Aussies will show you the way to go! We are here to make the migration process as enjoyable as possible and look forward to welcoming you to the Down Under Centre!

For more info: visit the Down Under Centre website or keep up date with Social Media via Facebook & Twitter

The Down Under Centre



FC Exchange is a leading foreign exchange specialist who offers foreign exchange for private and corporate clients. By offering better rates of exchange than banking institutions, FC Exchange aims to save their clients thousands when moving money overseas.

FC Exchange offers clients of Konnecting free transfer fees and preferential rates when moving money between the UK and Australia. Please quote ‘Konnecting’ when speaking to them.

For more info, visit http://www.fcexchange.co.uk/



Moving2Plan is a comprehensive, cost-effective online relocation tool that will help you with a step-by-step guide through your relocation and settlement process. They provide authoritative information since not everyone can afford full-service relocation assistance.

Konnecting provide access to this tool free of charge, to all our candidates and clients making the move as part of the visa process.

Check our Australian Settlement page for more information.


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