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457 Visa

The 457 Visa, one of the most popular Australian working visas, has a stringent application process and is only available to specific migration candidates. Selecting the best visa for you can often be confusing and difficult. To help determine the right one for you, thinking about what you wish to do during your time in Australia will assist in establishing your suitability for the 457 Visa.

457 Visa - Sponsored Visa

If you would like to take the opportunity to live and work in Australia for as long as you can, you should consider pursuing a 457 Visa - Employer Sponsored Visa. The Temporary Business (Long Stay) Visa - Standard Business Sponsorship (Subclass 457 Visa) provides an ideal starting point for determining whether you could be suitable. Konnecting's registered migration agents are the experts to contact if you would like further information about your suitability for a 457 Visa.

Employer Sponsorship

The first hurdle to clear when applying for a Sponsored 457 Visa is, of course, finding an employer willing to sponsor you. Our Jobs Board lists vacant positions in Australia and, if you find something suitable, Konnecting can assist you with the Sponsored 457 Visa application process. Even if you don't see the perfect position for you, contact Konnecting for more information about migrating to Australia. We can also help determine your suitability for a Sponsored Visa.

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