Sponsored 457 Visa | Employer Sponsorship Australia

If you would like to employ a skilled worker from overseas, the 457 Visa, or Employer Sponsored Visa, is the most commonly required Australian working visa. The 457 Visa, one of the most popular Australian working visas, has a stringent application process and is only available to specific employers and migration candidates.

As it is officially known, the Temporary Business (Long Stay) Visa - Standard Business Sponsorship (Subclass 457), has a number of requirements for both employers and potential employees. Konnecting's registered migration agents are the experts to contact if you would like further information about your suitability to sponsor a skilled worker on a 457 Visa.

Browse the Candidate Database to see if any of our current potential migrants hold the skill set you require. If you would like to fill a skills shortage in your industry with a skilled worker from overseas but can't find the right person for the job, Konnecting can help by sourcing candidates for you from countries all across the globe. Contact Konnecting today for all your Australian working visa requirements, and for assistance and advice on obtaining 457 Visas - without the hassle.

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