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Konnecting is committed to offering our clients the best services and resources for recruiting and managing skilled overseas staff. We understand that your company needs to be sure it is recruiting the most talented migrant workers, and the most suitable person for your individual organisation. This is why we offer industry best-practice recruitment and selection systems.

1. Understanding Your Needs
Recruiting qualified staff for your team can be time-consuming and costly for your organisation if not done correctly. Konnecting works to best industry practice and our focus is on understanding your organisation's needs in order to recruit the best quality staff.

2. Best Quality Candidates
Konnecting has a database of highly skilled candidates from a wide range of industries from around the world. Our international focus allows us to attract and recruit the best quality candidates for your organisation.

3. Interviews
Konnecting individually interviews every candidate to ensure they meet your requirements. Our industry best-practice interview techniques ensure that all candidates we present meet all your requirements.

4. Background checks
Konnecting does thorough background checks on all its candidates. We understand how important it is to ensure your new employee has the right qualifications and experience. Depending on the industry, and your requirements, our background checks include:

  1. Police checks
  2. Thorough reference checks
  3. Verification of qualifications (including educational institutions and professional memberships)

If you would like to find out more about how Konnecting can help your business, please see our Contact page.

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